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Web hosting is like renting storage space on the internet for your website, it is a physical online storage center that store the information, images, video, text and other content that comprises your website. Web hosting companies provide a place on a server to store all of your files and they are responsible of maintaining the server where the data of website resides, and also manage the technology that makes your website connect to the Internet. Website hosting is measured in the amount of disk space you're allotted on the server and the amount of data transfer or "bandwidth" you need for accessing the server. Servers are basically high powered computers capable of compute data very fast. It is capable to serve 24/7 so that website cab be visited at any time

Free website hosting for nonprofit motive organizations or non-commercial organization working for welfare of people like NGO, INGO, charity organizations etc. We made one step forward and work for a purpose as our responsibility. As we all know website is very important for any organization but it is little costly. Many small scale business or organizations are facing problem in creating website and as a result some of them cannot effort it. So we are providing 25% discount in web hosting services for new and small scale business established in last 2 years.

ITtraders Pvt Ltd provides best web hosting service in less price. Beside Domain Name Registration we provide free web hosting services in Nepal. We provide free web space to test and know about our web hosting service. You can check speed and security by using our free web hosting package service. We provide all the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. We provide 50MB free web hosting service for 30 days with out any price. After using free web hosting service you can upgrade premium for better performance.

If you own a business, you obviously need a website for many reasons like marketing your business, influence customer, to provide information about your services or new products, communicate and support the clients, to provide your initial information like physical address or phone numbers. Nowadays businesses require websites for marketing and selling products or services in global market. In the internet age, however, even small local business need be discoverable via the web. These days, people discover your alternative business by using search engines that make it simple to find different companies products, opening hours, and prices which may replace your business.

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